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Charlotte, NC

Spice: Globally Influenced —

Spice has a signature vibe that was curated by our experiences traveling around the world and patronizing the best other modern cities had to offer. Hotels, restaurants, and nightlife in London, St. Tropez, New York and Miami helped guide our hand when developing this concept. A night at Spice will excite all five senses maybe even a sixth. Our posh dining room, decadent menu, and captivating cocktails will make Spice a top pick.

Baffour Atakora


The Vision

The vision for SPICE is to seek out exciting flavours from all over the world…Asia, South America and Africa.

Our mission is to provide an unforgettable dining experience to all our guests. Our food items feature succulent salmon skewers, sushi and other small plates and desserts.

From the moment you walk in, SPICE strives to create a sensory experience; from our innovative cocktails to our modern design & dynamic architecture. We are more than just a meal or drink… SPICE is a vibe.

The ethos of SPICE is a place to experience satisfying music, conversations, food enjoyed while in good company. We are a place to drink and dine among friends and loved ones with food that reminds us of where we come from, whilst boldly taking you to new places.


Do you accomodate LArge Parties? 

Yes. If you're unable to make the reservation with our booking system reach out to us via email

DO I need to make a reservation before visiting?

We are reservation based, however, we encourage you to walk in.

Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes, our menu does have a few vegetarian options.

Do you have a dress code?

SPICE always recommends to dress upscale and stylish. We do not allow casual attire, clothing with rips, tears, or any form of distressing, oversized clothing such as T-shirts and pants. Additionally, our dress code policy prohibits tank tops, shorts, baseball caps, flip-flops, and sports attire.

Do you Validate parking?

Yes, there is validated covered parking in the Ellis parking deck up to 90 minutes.


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